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Full On Fall

Missoula Fishing Report Fall

  Now that we’ve slipped from Indian Summer into full on fall, the fishing options are pleasantly mind-numbing. Did you wake up with an itch to throw the big junk for a chance at a few big browns? Great. We’ve got the float for you. Maybe you tied tiny BWO cripples all winter and want […]

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The Elk’s Bugle

Missoula Fishing Trip Report

  We’re looking for a good excuse for the lack of reports, since “we’ve been on the water every day” is becoming a bit of a cliche, but find ourselves at a loss. July, on the other hand, was everyone’s gain: packed with a whirlwind of hatches, one after another that kept us and our […]

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Missoula Fishing Report

  After an extended and eventful high-water visitation in June filled with audibles and long drives to the upper reaches of our rivers and the Missouri, we’ve finally come up for air and are rolling steady in summer mode, with guide boats spread evenly across our diverse and finally fishable watershed. That’s good news. Want […]

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Finally (?) On the Drop…

  We’re nearing the end of May, and the hydro-graphs have finally begun to tilt downward. Barely, yes, but downward nonetheless!  We’ve had a ton of water, more than in, say, the past 100 years — for a visual, if you’ve ever stayed on the river at the Doubletree, you could make a fairly reasonable […]

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Web Absence – April Fishing Report

Fly Fishing Missoula in April

Please forgive the lack of posts of late, but starting in late March we got into a nice rhythm of being on the water every day, and the fish have rewarded us for our failed web presence. It’s been awesome to get the regulars back in the boat, and to introduce some new peeps to the […]

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Inching Towards Spring

Missoula Fishing Report March

  Is it early spring in Western Montana, or late winter?  Can the fish tell the difference? We’re inching our way towards spring, and have been enjoying our days on the water regardless of seasonal distinction. There have been a few adult skwalas sighted on the Bitterroot, and we’ve fooled the first few dry fly fish of […]

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Want Fish With Shoulders? Fish The Shoulder Seasons

Spring Fishing in Missoula

  Any bird/elk/bow hunter will understand the lack of reports over the past couple of months, but the rest of our readers are probably wondering where we’ve been, and more importantly, when it’s fair to start counting the days to spring fly fishing. The answer is NOW.  But first, a quick update on our snow situation… […]

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It’s Winter in Montana

winter fishing report

The goose is getting fat Winter is here for now — our first real snow filling up the driftboats guides haven’t put away yet.  In addition to watching our snowpack pile up for 2018, another pleasant endeavor is sitting with a bowl of elk stew and paging through the photo album from the fall. It’s […]

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Little Bugs

September Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report Finally, fall is here, and we can all exhale (and inhale too).  After some good cold rains, the forest fire smoke has all but disappeared–and the mayflies have begun to pop.  Tricos, BWOs, Mahoganies, and tiny psuedos have blanketed the Clark Fork, ‘Root, and Blackfoot over the past several days. That’s right, the real reasons […]

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