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Missoula Fishing Report

After an extended and eventful high-water visitation in June filled with audibles and long drives to the upper reaches of our rivers and the Missouri, we’ve finally come up for air and are rolling steady in summer mode, with guide boats spread evenly across our diverse and finally fishable watershed.

Guided Float Boat Fishing Blackfoot

That’s good news. Want more?

The three-day rain that hit in mid-June that spiked our dropping rivers back up near their original 2018 peak gives us an awesome buffer against July and August heat-waves. We have more than enough water in the coffers to get us through the season, and keep the hatches chugging all the while. If 2011 and 2014 are any indication, get ready for some world-class dry-fly fishing in Missoula.

Dry Fly Fishing in Missoula

Every season poses its challenges — last year at this time, for instance, some of our rivers were already under Hoot Owl closures. This year, with so much water fishing well, it’ll be deciding between a dozen good options each day!

Guide Trips on the Bitterroot Stockfarm

Blackfoot River:


Clark Fork River:


Bitterroot River:

Home, sweet home.

Rock Creek:

Miles and miles of wade fishing paradise.

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