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Want Fish With Shoulders? Fish The Shoulder Seasons

Spring Fishing in Missoula

  Any bird/elk/bow hunter will understand the lack of reports over the past couple of months, but the rest of our readers are probably wondering where we’ve been, and more importantly, when it’s fair to start counting the days to spring fly fishing. The answer is NOW.  But first, a quick update on our snow situation… […]

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The Anatomy of a Missoula Fishing Season

Fishing Reports for 2015

A complete Guide to a Season of Fly Fishing in Missoula Writing Missoula Fishing Reports in 2014 was an enjoyable but challenging endeavor. Just when we’d have a new report ready to post on, say, how fishing was about to get tough due to exceedingly warm days, a three-day rain would arrive to recharge the […]

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