Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a guide trip – What do we need to bring?

We try to make our Missoula area guide trips as all-inclusive as possible. They include all flies, terminal tackle, rods & reels, lunch, water & soda, transportation to and from the river and of course expert instruction.

*Fishing licenses and waders are not included; guide gratuities are always appreciated.

For a complete list of what to bring click here.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, everyone who wants to fish on a guide trip will need a license. These must be purchased in advance from the state of Montana.

You can buy your fishing license online at HERE or you can buy a license at one of Missoula’s fly shops or sporting goods stores.

What can I do to ensure I make the most out of my guide trip?

A guide trip is a big deal and not something that most people get to do as often as they would like. Here are a few tips to make the most of your trip and maximize your time on the water.

Prepare – If you are bringing your own equipment, make sure all of it is in working order and you have not forgotten to pack anything before you get to the river. Lines aren’t cracked, waders not leaking etc…. “did I forget my reel?…”

Practice – Just like you hit the driving range before you play a round of golf, spending a few minutes in the yard casting can go along way.  If you are new to the sport stop by a local fly shop and get a quick casting lesson. You would be amazed by how far you can come in twenty minutes with a casting instructor!

Communication – Your time on the water with a guide is a partnership, let us know your expectations at time of booking or before you hit the water.  If there is a certain way you want to fish, have a specific dietary need, etc…. let us know, we will do our best to fulfill all of your requests.

What fishing equipment would you recommend for the rivers of western Montana?

We recommend bringing a 9’ 5 or 6 weight rod with weight forward floating line.  If you need equipment or extra rods don’t worry about it, we have what you need!  Our guides have all the flies, leaders, tippet, etc for a day of fishing and it is included with your trip.  For a list of what to bring click here.

Where should we stay in Missoula?

Helping our customers find a place to stay is one of our specialties.

There are many lodging options in Missoula.  From hotels to riverfront cabins, there is somewhere to stay for every budget.

Check out our fly fishing packages page for lodging options combined with guided fishing.

Or simply get a hold of us and we can make recommendations to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you have a fly fishing shop?

Nope! 100% of our business is guided fly fishing. We are guide owned and operated and spend nearly every day on the water during the fishing season.  Fishing is our only focus, which allows us to provide you with the best fly fishing trip possible.

We usually pick and drop off our fishing clients at their hotel or lodging or we meet at a convenient pre-determined location for guide trips.

There are several fly shops and sporting goods stores in Missoula. We would be happy to recommend our favorites if you need to pick up some gear.

Where do we meet the guides?

We like to pre-determine a meeting location and time a few days to a week before your trip. We prefer to base our meet times on the most recent fishing conditions to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

We usually pick and drop off our fishing clients at their hotel or wherever they are staying. Or we meet at a convenient pre-determined location. Transportation to and from the river is included in our trips.

If I am new to fly fishing, should I book a guide trip?

Yes, absolutely! The Missoula on the Fly team of guides are patient, knowledgeable instructors who enjoy introducing others to the sport of fly fishing. Spending a day on the water with a knowledgeable guide will dramatically reduce the learning curve associated with learning how to fly fish. We have all of the fishing equipment you will need for a day on the water.