Fly Fishing Instruction

Teaching Fly Fishing is our Bread and Butter


At Missoula on the Fly we love introducing newcomers to the sport of fly fishing and working with experienced fisherman who want to learn more about their craft and hone their skills.

One of the greatest aspects of fly fishing is that each time an angler goes out on the river there is something new to learn and no two days on the water are ever the same. Whether you are new to fly fishing, been out a few times, or a seasoned angler, the Missoula on the Fly team of guides can offer you expert fly fishing instruction to make you a better angler.

We employ the “learn by doing” approach; All of our instruction is taught on the water providing you with a hands-on experience every step of the way. The Missoula area and it’s diversity of angling opportunities provides fly fisherman with the perfect classroom to hone their skills.

Learn to Fly Fish Trip – One or Two day Course

This fly fishing trip is perfect for first time fly fishers.  Our patient and experienced instructors love teaching all aspects of fly fishing and Missoula’s world class rivers provide the perfect classroom!

The day usually starts with a quick casting lesson at the boat ramp and then we hit the river for a day of float fishing through miles of scenic trout water.  You get to learn while actually fishing which we believe is the most effective approach to becoming a self-sufficient angler.

Our goal is to lay down an excellent foundation of fly fishing experience while providing a fun and rewarding day floating the river.

Topics to be covered include: fly casting, choosing the right equipment, what trout eat; achieving a drift, how to read the water, fly pattern selection, and fighting and landing fish. 

Cost: $500 per day for one or two anglers. Cost includes all necessary equipment, tackle and flies. Includes a stream-side lunch and beverages as well.


Want to hone your skills or learn about new techniques to become a more efficient angler and catch more fish? On this trip we spend an entire day on the water focusing on teaching more in depth aspects of fly fishing — From advanced techniques like reach casting and stack mending to a more in depth analysis of dry fly fishing, streamer fishing, and/or nymphing.  Learn advanced fly fishing tactics while we ply the waters of the Bitterroot, Blackfoot or Clark Fork rivers putting these new techniques to work.  As a prerequisite for this instruction, we expect anglers to know the basic fly cast and how to mend.

Topics to cover will include:  proper fly presentation, fly pattern selection, advanced casting and mending, reading the water to effectively present your fly.

Nymph Fishing – There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to nymph fishing. Spend a day with Missoula on the Fly learning all the various methods for being a successful nymph fisherman.

Dry Fly Fishing – The rivers of western Montana provide anglers with incredible dry fly fishing opportunities that takes a combination of skill, patience and knowledge to master. Join us for a dry fly focused day of fishing on one of our local waters that will leave you better suited to facing rising trout.

Streamer Fishing – Streamer fishing is responsible for bringing some of the biggest trout to the net. Learn the techniques we use to search for true trophy trout.

Cost: $575 per day for one or two anglers. Cost includes all necessary equipment, tackle and flies. Includes lunch and transportation as well.