Missoula Fly Fishing Report – April 26, 2020.

By on Apr 26th, 2020   //   1 minute to read

Hello everyone, we have been slacking lately and missed the last few reports. Quick recap, the fishing was unreal! We are excited to announce that we will be allowed to get back on the water and start guiding again. Under the current restrictions we are allowed to guide Montana residents and non-residents who have met the 14 day self quarantine requirement. If you meet these criteria and would like to get out on the water drop us a line!

Bitterroot River – The Bitterroot has been fishing great all season and that train hasn’t left the station yet. Skwalas are still the ticket as well and an often overlooked Caddis hatch. The recent warm weather has the rivers on the rise. If you are looking to get out this week expect the water to be high and off color. If you are patient and find the slower stuff on the insides you should be able to work some fish. You can size up on your tippet and the fish will be none the wiser. Throwing a SanJuan is never a bad play this time of year.

Clark Fork River – The Upper Clark was on fire the last two weeks. With all the cattle grazing that happens on the upper reaches the water is very susceptible to turning brown with the slightest bump in flows. For the die hards out there you still might be able to get it done on streamers and worms but I might consider looking elsewhere until runoff is over.

Blackfoot River – The Blackfoot is a cruel mistress. Some days she loves you and some days you are better of enjoying the views. Clarity and water temps are the key to success here. If the water is muddy and on the rise you are going to be in for a slow day. Watch the flows and wait for the conditions to improve. When they do the fishing can be unreal as the fish are hungry and looking to feed! Streamers, Stoneflies, Worms.

Rock Creek – Rock Creek has a tendency to fish well right through the runoff. This is a great option when things get tougher elsewhere. This river is dangerous and takes lives almost every year so please be careful and don’t be wreckless in your wading, no fish is worth your life. If you find some slower water and take your time you will catch fish. If you are not getting hits just go heavier and deeper. If you don’t hit bottom your not in the strike zone!

Top Patterns – #8 SanJuan Worm, #8 Pat’s Rubblerlegs, #4 Olive Sparkle Minnow

Looking Ahead – Things are probably going to get worse before they get better. There are some great stillwater options around too if you are dying to get out and catch some fish. Beavertail, Browns Lake, Harpers Lake all have massive broodstock fish in them. The upper reaches of the Bitterroot and Rock Creek fish well when the flows bump. Just remember to stay safe and have fun!

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