September Seems Right – Missoula Fly Fishing Report

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Fly Fishing Missoula in September

Missoula Fishing Report

After a long, hot August full of fire-smoke and threat, the first cool September morning feels about perfect. You need a fleece out there at the boat ramp in the morning, and maybe even a knit cap for an hour or so until the sun crests the trees. If you’re wet wading, be prepared for some cold toes in the morning.

But is that cool water ever making the big fish happy!

It’s been a treat to see the mature trout looking up this past week for hoppers and mayflies. We’ve seen a few October caddis, too, and the nocturnal stone shucks are still coating the rocks in the morning — did we say solid fish are prospecting for meaty offerings?!

Forgive me for repeating myself, but I’m a fishing guide. “Mend. Mend again.”

Real quick report rundown, because the bird dog is calling:

Clark Fork Fishing Report:

 Sweat Grass Hopper

Excellent Trico fishing around town in the mornings, and hopper fishing impressive river-wide. Will this change if the smoke haze lifts?  Gotta go to know.

Bitterroot Fishing Report:

Bitterroot River Brown Trout

Fantastic, if challenging, technical dry fly fishing to be had up here right now on smaller mayfly offerings.  A few sippers had us reaching for the 6x the other day!

Blackfoot Fishing Report:

Blackfoot River Fishing Report September

Very good to excellent angling to be had from top to bottom here, with plenty of JAWS sightings as the Bull Trout are back in from the tributaries.

Rock Creek Fishing Report:

Fun terrestrial fishing, but keep an eye out for fire closures and the like. Also, PM us the PRECISE location of big groups of grouse.

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