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Fishing Report: Blown Out Like a 16-seed

Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Bitterroot and Clark Fork River Skwala Report The hydro-graphs appeared to have peaked and have began to drop but current flows are still near borderline prohibitive levels.  There is some high-water fishing to be had, and there are a few sneaky options to be had, but in general, this latest melt has stunted any Skwala hatch […]

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Watching the Graphs — May Style

Missoula Fishong Report March

Missoula Spring Fly Fishing Report Those bugs you see with wings? They’re a good sign. The lawn out back instead of snow? That’s a good sign too. Now if we can get the flows to stabilize for long enough, we’ll probably be able to dial up the first good wave of early season dry fly […]

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Have some fun — But don’t jump the Gun

Bitterroot River fishing in snow

Snow, Snow, and more Snow Winter kept its claws dug in this weekend in Missoula, with heavy wet snow piling up in the valley and padding our pack in the high country.  Expect water levels to raise a bit with low-elevation melt (we got at least three inches at the house yesterday); this is not so much […]

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The Itch

Winter Fishing Report Missoula Montana

Winter Fishing in Missoula Steady warmer temps have unlocked the river ice and made this a great week to get out and scratch the fishing itch around Missoula. Traditionally, some large fish are taken during the first big thaw, but that hardly matters — the point is that the closest most of us have been to […]

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Guide Spotlight: James Quigley

Quigley Wade Fishing

Ever wondered why James is such a patient guide? Look further than his 3rd grade classroom during their second indoor recess of the day.  After half an hour of corralling stir-crazy students, he’s just about begging to take tangles out of clients’ lines. In truth, of course, he loves his winter job.   James established […]

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A Solitary Time of Year

October Fishing in Missoula

While we are still running a few guide trips, this week is a relatively quiet one on the rivers of Western Montana. Most folks are out chasing bird dogs or setting out decoy spreads or stalking big game — and that’s what makes late October such an awesome time on the water. The trees along […]

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Mr October

Missoula Fishing Report

Forgive us if we’ve said this before, and forgive the lack of posts, but this is our favorite time of year to be on the river in Montana, and in the woods. The upland birds are viable targets, the elk are on the move, and the big fish have upped the ante, rising with abandon […]

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Mayfly Game


If it’s sunny, go hopper-dropper to catch a whopper; if the clouds come in, let the single mayfly roll. That’s been the jingle for the past week or so, and we expect it to continue through the month. For the next week, count on fish on all three of our rivers to munch the pork-chop […]

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Hints of Fall

August Missoula Fishing Report

First frost? Not quite yet, but the fruit trees are full, the black bears are on the move, and the trout have lost their dog-days laziness. Cool nights (knit caps in the morning) and short days have water temps down into the ideal range, and mayfly hatches are ramping up: Tricos, to name one small […]

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