Watching the Graphs — May Style

By on Mar 12th, 2017   //   Less than a minute to read

Missoula Fishong Report March

Missoula Spring Fly Fishing Report

Those bugs you see with wings? They’re a good sign. The lawn out back instead of snow? That’s a good sign too.

Now if we can get the flows to stabilize for long enough, we’ll probably be able to dial up the first good wave of early season dry fly fishing. The upper Bitterroot at Darby doubled from 400 too 800 cfs, but it’s leveled and is on the drop. 800, by the way, is a very fishable level, but a double-down of 34 degree water doesn’t usually titillate the trout.

We did manage to catch a few fish the last couple days,  and the action should progress as the week goes on.  This time of year, but especially under these conditions, concentrate on slower-moving water and tailouts of runs where the bugs aren’t mach-speeding past your target.

Predicted mid-week temps in Hamilton are in the mid- to high-fifties. If that doesn’t knock down another level of mid-elevation snow, get ready for the show to start.


Bitterroot Skwala Fishing



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