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By on Oct 6th, 2016   //   1 minute to read

Missoula Fishing Report

Forgive us if we’ve said this before, and forgive the lack of posts, but this is our favorite time of year to be on the river in Montana, and in the woods. The upland birds are viable targets, the elk are on the move, and the big fish have upped the ante, rising with abandon for two hours each day.

We’ve had a little bump in the flows, which had the fish (at least the risers) a little cagy yesterday. But the forecast for the week’s end looks ideal. Watch the Darby gauge of the Bitterroot to tell you weather that river is on the drop or not. Regardless, it should be a little easier to push that mayfly through the tailouts with this uptick in flows.

Clark Fork River Report

Fishing well with buggers and streamers of reasonable size (Kelly Galloup wouldn’t even call them streamers). Also great mayfly fishing from Missoula down, with Mahoganies and small blue wings dominating the table fare. The water between Rock Creek and town spiked a bit, so tread here with caution. Or go play Kelly G for the day and turn a whopper.

Bitterroot River Report:


Pretty stellar fishing in the clouds. Still some Hecuba around, but mostly a small mayfly game now. ¬†These fish want to rise, so don’t be afraid to fish blind.

Blackfoot River Report

You’ll probably be alone up here due to the dropping water temps, but if there’s a prettier river in the West right now, tell me where. Blue wings, October Caddis, and (cringe) great subsurface fishing to be had in the quiet up here.

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