Guide Spotlight: James Quigley

By on Feb 9th, 2017   //   1 minute to read

Quigley Wade Fishing

Ever wondered why James is such a patient guide?

Look further than his 3rd grade classroom during their second indoor recess of the day.  After half an hour of corralling stir-crazy students, he’s just about begging to take tangles out of clients’ lines.

In truth, of course, he loves his winter job.   James established himself as a highly requested and respected fishing guide over ten years ago, but over the past several years he’s also become one of Missoula’s favorite primary school teachers as well.

During the Off Season

When he’s not correcting math homework, he spends the weekends drilling holes in the ice of lakes near the headwaters of the rivers he guides all the summer, and his evenings glad-handing ranchers at the local hang outs in hopes of procuring private water to fish.

Guiding Style

During the fishing season while most guides rely on their boats to find fish, Quigley does just the opposite, setting aside his oars for a well worn pair of wading boots.  He is the only fishing guide in Missoula that exclusively guides wade trips, and he spends his days exploring our watershed’s most intimate waters — the upper reaches of our rivers and their tributaries — that see much less pressure than our floatable stretches.

Skill Set

Teaching third graders and teaching wade fishing both require a unique set of skills.  Our clients have found that Quigley’s pedagogical skills translate directly to the river with his ability to instruct on all aspects of the fishing craft.  The level of patience it requires to instruct someone working a hole from a standing position as opposed to running a boat down a bank is measurable and Quigs has more patience than many of us oarsmen.

As an angler a wade fishing venture is truly your best opportunity at a one-on-one fishing tutorial — and the Teacher of the Year is…?

Missoula walk and wade guide trips

Mr. Quigley

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