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Missoula Fishing Report Fall


Now that we’ve slipped from Indian Summer into full on fall, the fishing options are pleasantly mind-numbing.

Did you wake up with an itch to throw the big junk for a chance at a few big browns? Great. We’ve got the float for you.

Maybe you tied tiny BWO cripples all winter and want to put them to work at the end of a 12-foot leader, shooting only to rising targets? Yep, we’ve got that covered too.

You say you’re still in the mood to throw hoppers or big fall caddis? Check.

Take Gwen, for example:

Bitterroot River Montana

She spent the month here fishing and floated with us 7 days — on 7 different floats, on 4 separate rivers.

It’s been a grand season, and as tired as we are, we’re wishing it could last forever.  Like last year, we anticipate our fall hatches lasting late into October. That means noses dimpling on the Bitterroot and Clark Fork long after the duck and elk hunters have slipped into the woods — lots of solitude to be had out there in the coming month.


Risers galore, and some bigger bugs (than Tricos) to throw at the snooty pods.

Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report


Outstanding hatches of BWOs on the river near town and down.  Plenty of fish still looking for the big bug.

Clark Fork Fishing Report


Will they still eat the big bug? Yes, they’ll still eat the big bug!

Blackfoot River Dry Fly Fishing

We still have a few October openings — holler at us if we can help you book a trip, or point you in the right direction for some wade-fishing solitude.

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