It’s Winter in Montana

By on Nov 4th, 2017   //   Less than a minute to read

winter fishing report

The goose is getting fat

Winter is here for now — our first real snow filling up the driftboats guides haven’t put away yet.  In addition to watching our snowpack pile up for 2018, another pleasant endeavor is sitting with a bowl of elk stew and paging through the photo album from the fall.

It’s safe to say the Bitterroot earned the nickname Mr. October this year.  Endless flights of Tricos and long steady hatches of Mahogonies complimented by the ever present Blue Wings made for the best headhunting we’ve seen in years.

Bitterroot River Montana

Missoula on the Fly

In addition to bruisers like these, the Bitterroot was filled with a great population of cookie cutter fish which bodes well for our season in 2018.

Bookings are filling rapidly already for prime time June, July, and September.

Ask some of our regulars and they will tell you this is not the only time to come.

Missoula’s Dry Fly Season Starts up again in March!

As our good friend and angler Charlie says, “I only fish shoulder seasons, why come any other time?”

spring fly fishing montana

Guide Trips in April Montana

What is a shoulder season?  You could ask Charlie or check out our next post to learn more…


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