Yessir, This is Runoff

By on May 12th, 2017   //   Less than a minute to read

Missoula Fishing Report in May


Missoula Fly Fishing — Runoff Report

If you’re a relative newcomer to Western Montana, you may be wondering what just happened to our rivers and when they’ll be fishable again.  If so, keep wondering — you’ll have at least a few weeks to figure it out.

While the past couple of runoffs have subsided relatively quickly and left us consistent options, this one has the Bull Market’s momentum and looks like it’s going to be with us for a good while.

How long does runoff last in Missoula exactly?

We’ll offer some predictions in next week’s report. For now, it’s a heckuva week to comb the river bottoms for morels, crank out your favorite salmonfly pattern–roughly two dozen will get you through your first float down Rock Creek–or join us on the Missouri for the March Browns and Caddis hatches.

Missoula Guided Float trips in May

MO Bound

We’ll be there posted up with the usual suspects, hoping for clouds and heavy bug emergences, but happily settling for the nymphing game when the insects don’t play.

Fishing in May Missoula

While the local Missoula Rivers run high and muddy, keep in mind that there is plenty of fishing and fun to be had during runoff, a little windshield time is all that is required to find it.

If you happen to know a local slough or spring that runs clear while the other rivers are blown, you’ll want to keep it as secret as your favorite Morel spot.

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