Winter Fishing the MO

By on Jan 26th, 2013   //   Less than a minute to read

We dusted off our gear and hit the Missouri river today!  The river fished surprisingly well.  We caught some fish nymphing from the boat but did far better when we stopped the boat, got out, and worked some of the slower runs.   We fished streamers the last mile or two of the float and had good action, landing a few nice browns.  A slow retrieve with almost no stripping worked the best.

Effective flies: Pink and tan scud and sowbug patterns.  Low profile streamers (our best colors were black and white)

Remember: Your Fishing license from last summer still works until the end of February!

Missouri River Rainbow

Missouri Rainbow

Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fishing

Missoula winter fishing


Missoula Fishing report

Pete with a nice one

Keep an eye on the weather and wind in Craig.  Its well worth the drive to shoot over there for the day and get a rod bent.

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