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Fishing Report Missoula Late March

The fishing, that is!

It’s pretty damn good out there, in fact. Bordering on stellar. With fish feeding on dry flies for the bulk of the day, you can play a buoyant leggy Skwalla and run it long, or pick and pop to risers with a double dry rig in the right spots.

The river’s continue to drop at a moderate pace, and the fish have settled into their feeding lanes and long slow runs on the ‘Root.  A steady rain today did nothing to bump the flows, so look for the remainder of the week to be very solid fishing, maybe even grand.

Low ceilings and mild temps make this a week for skipping work!

Tips for fishing the Skwala Hatch

Bitterroot River Skwala

A few tips for those who haven’t fished the skwala hatch before:

* Pick a bug you can see, but not something you can see from outer space.  Skwalas–this early batch anyway–float low and don’t do a lot of flying. Find something with a tidy profile and fish it as far in front of you as you can. #nostimis

* Unless, that is, the nemouras are out. They’re the smaller more active early dark stone, which often float with wings up, skittering. Will a Mother’s Day Caddis pattern do? Sure, but this is one you might want to cook up a home-brew for. #duckbutt

*Don’t neglect any piece of structure that has current on it, no matter how insignificant that structure or current might seem. Big browns this time of year love to hide out on the wood. #trytheotherside

*Mend-Mend-Mend-Mend-Mend-Mend.  #mend!!!

*Scout your channels. There’s still a lot of new wood in the water, so be safe, and take the time to look downstream. #dontriskit

Bitterroot River Skwala hatch

We have a few open dates in late March/Early April. If you are dying to get out give us a call!

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