Steady Rolling: Late June Report

By on Jun 25th, 2016   //   Less than a minute to read

Fishing’s been good…to great…to as fine as you’ll ever find, here in Western Montana over the course of the past week or so. Most anglers fishing with us last week rebooked for the same dates next year. We’ll keep the light on for you!

Clark Fork River:

Clark Fork River float trips

Even in the sun this river held a strong dry fly bite. And in the clouds it was reminding a lot of veteran guides of the early 2000s hay-days, like, back when Dirtbag Zach was in middle school. Heavy runs of bugs and sippers willing to move a few feet for the big bug.

Blackfoot River:

Westslope Cutthrought Trout

While most of the salmonfiles have made their pass, other big bugs like green drakes and goldens have kept the large trout coming up from the bottom of the trenches. It’s not quite mid-summer up here, but let that big bug ride the waves and you’ll be happily surprised.

Bitterroot River:

Bitterroot River near the Stock Farm

This river seems poised and ready to break out into its dry fly paradise potential this week. Drakes, PMDS, and ‘Root stones are charged up and ready to draw that huge bank hugging brown into a more reasonable feeding lane.

Rock Creek:

Wade fishing shangri-la.

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