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By on Oct 19th, 2018   //   Less than a minute to read

October on the Blackfoot River

After a very very busy fall, the quiet season of late October seems even quieter this year. The long spell of cloudless days and sixty degree afternoons, coupled with a few hours of rising fish each afternoon, is making for a languid close to the season.

Dry Fly Fishing on the Bitterroot

We still have a few trips running each week, but most of the drift boats in Missoula are stored in garages by now — or filled with duck decoys — and it’s a great time of year to find some pure solitude on the river, stalk a single rising fish, and change flies until you fool it.

The weather — if it can be believed — looks downright heavenly for the next week or so. Cold nights and mild afternoon temps should give anyone trying to squeeze in a last minute trip an outstanding opportunity.

Guide Trips on the Blackfoot Canyon

As we mentioned, the guides largely have their coffers filled, and are planning trips to Caribbean flats or BC steelhead rivers — but our stalwart Will P. will continue to grind through mid-November.

Bitterroot Fishing Report October

Heck, you could even plan a Christmas tree cutting / late-season streamer trip with him? Give us a call if we can help you with your fall fishing in any way!

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