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Missoula Salmonfly Hatch Report

Most years the Salmonflies start on Rock Creek’s lower end on Memorial Day weekend with flows around 1600 CFS. The bugs have kept with the calendar this year, where they’re hatching in fair numbers and mating flights have started on warm afternoons.

What else will keep to the chalk?

Flow wise, the answer is a bit of a mystery.  There’s as many opinions on when the rivers will drop in earnest as there are salmonfly patterns in the fly shop bins. More than enough, that’s for sure.

Will we have some solid to good fishing options in Missoula from mid-June on?

Yes, the savvy guides likely will.

Will we find ourselves fishing big but clearing water on most of our area rivers by the end of the month?

Very likely.

Missoula Fishing Predictions


Will we dial in our Missouri options if things get sticky around Missoula?

When will Missoula fish best

Sadly,  ;-),  yes, we will.

Will this summer with its steady flows be one of the best dry fly years of the last several?

Charlie B's Missoula

You bet your Charlie’s cocktail it will!

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