Nothing Short of Stellar

By on Apr 22nd, 2015   //   1 minute to read

Fishing Reports in Missoula

The old guides are at it again: throwing around phrases like “Best spring fishing in a decade,” and “Never seen better hatches,” that kind of stuff.  In all truth, it’s been hard to argue with the grizzled vets. The past week or so has indeed offered some of the finest April fishing in memory, and the last week of the month looks to be lined up perfectly. May, too, should be killer–and while we rarely push trips this time of year anywhere other than the Missouri, 2015, due to perfect water flows, marks the exception. This May will be the best in years.

Bitterroot Fishing Report

Bitterroot Brown TroutSkwalla mornings, mayfly afternoons. Caddis starting to show as well. One of our boats the other day fished a #12 Adams from ramp to ramp and got em good. The March Brown event is an intense one, so be on your game as soon as you start seeing splashy, emerger-chasing risers. Afterwards, fish will turn back onto the big bug. Some Gray Drakes have been spotted too on the lower river, but only in the sun so far. If you catch this one on a cloudy day, look out–you might never be the same.

Clark Fork Fishing Report

Intense hatches of BWO’s and March Browns on the stretches above, below and through town, as well as the second wave of “flying” skwalla, which goes by many names, none of which the trout know. What they do know when this hatch hits it is GO TIME for three hours. Many of the year’s biggest fish will be taken on this hatch. Unless you filed an extension, your taxes are done. Get some!

Clark Fork Fly Fishing

Blackfoot Fishing Report

Keep an eye on this one. The Foot’s been good on top and great underneath, but was starting to creep up on the graph this morning. Could blow, or could stay true.

Rock Creek Fishing Report

Rock Creek Fishing Report

Wade anglers have been way-laying!

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