No Shanty Needed

By on Mar 24th, 2019   //   1 minute to read

skwala hatch report

Leave Your Augers at Home

For the first time in months we don’t need an auger to fish the Bitterroot! This morning we saw the first late-winter stonefly (capnia) on our window screen, and the 12-seeds are taking it to the 5-seeds — sure signs that spring fishing in Missoula is upon us, and one of the finest angling windows in the West is inching open.

Hosting some of our favorite die-hard clients, we’ve had guide boats on the water all week. Solid fishing was the norm, and moments of stellar angling punctuated each trip.

Guided Fly Fishing Trips Missoula

As the conditions continue to improve, your favorite mid-sized dropper fished through the morning hours will remind you that there are indeed fish in the river, while the afternoons will provide more of what you came for — long drifts with a leggy dry fly against the cover or in slow diamond chop, rewarded by hefty trout that are as done with winter as you are.


Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Those who are patient with their drifts will find willing fish.   Droppers should be hung deep in the morning, and streamers should be stripped slowly, if at all. Don’t overlook the smaller bugs like nemoras and capnias as a trailer fly.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

Someone’s gonna hang a real big one up here this week.  This water is colder than a frat-party beer keg right now, so don’t overlook the dead-drift.

Clark Fork River Fishing Report

Not all of the boat launches are open, but this river is a great early season option for those looking for a little different (small mayfly) flavor.

Rock Creek Fishing Report

More than solid nymphing up here!


Did we really get to the end of this report without saying the s-word (skw—a)?!

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