Missoula River Conditions and Fishing Report

By on May 22nd, 2013   //   Less than a minute to read

Fishing in High Water

Our water is still high around Missoula but good fishing can be found in a few areas.  Salmonflies have been spotted and people are whispering about it.  Were getting close!

Rock Creek Fishing Report

The upper creek is fishing really well right now.  There are a few fish looking up but the streamer and nymph fishing has been best.  Wade fishing is tough because of the high water.  Look for braided areas if your wading and be careful!

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

The Blackfoot is that “greenish” color everybody dreams about but I was on it yesterday and had pretty spotty fishing overall.  We did catch some fish but the water temps are cold and there were no bugs flying around.   We tried stripping streamers but had our best luck dead drifting streamer/nymph combos.  It will be a streamer/nymph deal up there until the big bugs start showing up.  Probably best to wait a little while on this river.

Missouri River Fishing Report

The Missouri is still on fire. Dries, streamers, or nymphs, you can take your pick.  Caddis and Blue Wing Olives are coming off pretty strong in the afternoons and the fish have been up feeding on them into the evening on calmer days.  The risers seem to be getting pickier each day but that is all part of the fun.  Right?

Creek Fishing

Don’t forget about the creeks!  They are now open to fishing as of last Saturday.


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