Mid April River Conditions

By on Apr 13th, 2014   //   1 minute to read

Fly Fishing Rock Creek

River flows have stabilized in the Missoula area.  Flows are high but there are a few fishy options around town.  Tailwater rivers (The Missouri) offer stable and more predictable flows this time of year and remain a go to option for solid and predictable fishing conditions.

This week I have been bouncing back and forth between the Missouri, upper Rock Creek, and the spillway at Warm Springs.  My report from the middle seat….

Missouri River Fishing Report

The nymphing is solid throughout the entire river.  Scud, Sowbug, and Worm Patterns have been best for me.   The flows are stable around 6500 cfs over there, more water than this time last year.  The fish in the MO seem to be a bit more opportunistic in the current flow.   This means you can get away with fishing larger imitations of scuds, sowbugs, lightning bugs, etc.  Finding slower water and making sure your bugs are getting down to the bottom quickly are keys to success.   Dry fly fishing has been hit or miss but should improve as water temps are approaching the low forties.

Rock Creek Fishing Report

Clarity is great on Rock Creek and its definitely fishable right now.  The worm, yellowish/brown streamers, and stonefly nymphs under an indicator have worked best for me.

Warm Springs Report

Scud and sowbug patterns fished in the soft nervous water near the spillway put some fish in the net a few days ago.  Prince Nymphs and other small stonefly imitations seemed to work better farther downstream from the Spillway.

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