Is the River Half Empty or Half Full? – Missoula Fishing Report

By on Jul 19th, 2015   //   1 minute to read

Missoula Fishing Report

Nocturnal Stoneflies producing from first light on, spruce moths are gaining momentum, hoppers in the early afternoons…without a doubt, from where we stand, the Missoula Fishing Report glass is half-full.

If you’re coming to Missoula to fish in the next few weeks, keep a few facts in mind:

1) The water temps are suitable to ideal, depending on the drainage. (See graphs below)

2) The (albeit quick-changing) weather report is favorable for the coming week, with overnight lows in the mid-50s.

3) Our clients are leaving with fond memories and lasting smiles. But don’t take our word for it — here’s a facebook message from yesterday:

“Our guide Zach made our day on the water amazing!  I learned so much on this trip! My husband is still beaming from this experience! Thank you so much to Missoula on the Fly! We are on our honeymoon and this is a day we will never forget!”

Fly Fishing The Clark Fork

So, you may get a healthy dose of gloom and doom from the local media, or even a prominent fly shop or two, but it’s best to ask folks who are actually on the water everyday before drawing conclusions this season.

Or, as our trusty Bitterroot shuttle man, Pat, is fond of saying: “Quit your bitching, stop your wishing, and just go fishing!”

Blackfoot River Hatches and Flies

Blackfoot River Fishing Guides

Spruce moths and terrestrials. Try a bug not bought in a fly shop — the home brews don’t smell the same as the mass-produced flies!

Bitterroot River Hatches and Flies

Mayfly spinners and nocturnal stones…

Clark Fork River Hatches and Flies

Fishing Missoula

The riffles are hopper-dropper heaven…best hopper color has varied so keep your sharpies on hand.

Water Temps Around Missoula as of July 19

Bitterroot Water Temp


Blackfoot Water Temp


Clarkf Fork Water Temp

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