Hopper Time

By on Aug 8th, 2013   //   Less than a minute to read

Blackfoot River Fishing Trips

Fishing has been hit or miss lately in the summer heat but some nice fish are still being caught.  Fish are looking for Grasshopper patterns and there are a few Tricos around in the mornings.  Some days the fish want smaller hopper patterns or other terrestrials but sticking to your guns with a bigger hopper can weed out some of the smaller fish and produce some nicer ones.  The Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers are on a hoot owl restriction due to higher water temps in the afternoon. Both rivers are closed to fishing from 2:00 pm to midnight.  The Blackfoot River is not on restriction but is fishing best in the morning anyway so we are still fishing early and getting off the water by mid afternoon…..Wade fishing the creeks has been productive because the water in the tributary streams is generally much colder.

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