Heat Wave Coming — But Ample Flows to Buffer

By on Jul 2nd, 2017   //   1 minute to read

July Fishing Report Summer FLy Fishing in Missoula

It’s amazing how fast the Salmonflies burn off the Blackfoot and the color turns from olive to deep blue on the lower Clark Fork — suddenly it’s mid-summer and the fishing has been stellar. Even over the scorching weekend we were able to put on the water early and enjoy bent rods from ramp to ramp, hitting the takeout well before the afternoon heat glued our clients to their raft seats. The next several days are expected to be scorchers — luckily, we’re blessed with ample water flows this year and the trout have plenty of liquid coverage over their heads.

Blackfoot River

Blackfoot River Fishing

A few stray salmonflies in the Canyon still, but it’s largely a Green Drake, sally, and PMD game up here. On cloudy days, the dry fly fishing has been solid; on sunny days, it’s taken more than a few changes to find the winning attractor.

Bitterroot River

Bitterroot River Fishing

Upper river is fishing well with dry flies and the middle river is about to come into its own with goldens and Bitterroot stones. Be ready for this hatch to last through the middle of the month…we hope!

Clark Fork River

Clark Fork River Fishing Report

Golden Stones coming solidly into play. Good days to be had on top and with droppers, with everyone (including the fish) waiting for that epic cloudy way-laying day. PMDs trickling off but not in great numbers yet.

Rock Creek

The rafts are gone and wade anglers have their haven back. It’s really good up here right now.

Rainbow Trout in Net

Heading into the 4th of July holiday, stay courteous, keep the fish wet, and enjoy our stellar resource!

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