Early April Fishing Report

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Missoula Fishing Trips

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

The Nymphing is good and the crowds are non existent on the Blackfoot.  Its a nice change of pace if you have been chasing the dry fly bite the last few weeks.  Its a great place to avoid crowds and have a stretch of river to yourself.  The Worm behind a large Stonefly nymph or streamer is the combo for the Blackfoot right now.

Clark Fork River Fishing Report

The afternoon has been best, slim pickings in the morning.   Hatches of March Browns and Baetis will get the fish looking up if the sun and wind cooperate.  If your from Connecticut you could “match the hatch” with a snowshoe emerger.  Or you could drift a size 8 Skwala over the risers…..

Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Still fishing Skwala dries. More and more Mayflies are making an appearance.  Mostly Baetis at this point but hatches of March Browns could appear any day now.  Its been busy on the Bitterroot and reports seem to vary depending on the stretch of river and the day.  Some days have been better than others but overall the dry fly fishing remains pretty solid river wide.


Missoula Trout Fishing

A big brown that fell for a Skwala dry fly.

Weather and River Flow

We have stable flows area wide at the moment.  Tuesday we have temps in the forecast above seventy degrees.  There’s a lot of snow in the hills yet to make its way into the river system.  A bump of water will surely come from this.  How much water is hard to predict.

Fishing Guide Pete Skidmore

The legendary Phil Sizemore…..

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  • Sabrina
    February 20, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    That’s great to hear that you’re throwing dries and swlkaas at that. I’m really looking forward to the Bitterroot, here in Montana, shaping up soon. And then there are couple southwest Montana streams that really rock a little later in the season. On one of those last year, in April I believe, there were swlkaas falling to the water like you’d see in a big caddis egglaying flight. Crazy. And good. Thanks for the shout, Doug.