Creaping into Shape, Sneaking into Good Fish

By on Mar 24th, 2015   //   1 minute to read

Bitteroot River

The makings for a perfect skwala fishing day–Sunny in the morning, high clouds in the afternoon.

Missoula Fishing Report

It’s snowing sideways in Missoula right now, turning the old adage for March — “In like a lion and out like a lamb” — on its head. Frankly, the weather was more pleasant two weeks ago, though the Missoula fishing report is a much more positive one this week. The upper Bitterroot is dropping slowly, and even the lower Clark below town has enough visibility to fish with confidence. There’s new snow in the mid elevations, so who knows what the next 70 degree day (Friday, if the weather-folks are right) will do to the flows.

Trout Fishing the Bitterroot

This nice Brown ate a skwalla in a slow back channel. The spot looked more like a bass-fishing spot
than a trout lie, but one twitch and the fish whomped the dry fly.

Bitterroot River Fishing Report

Warm bright days get the bugs moving, and the dark days get the big fish looking up. We’ve been on the ‘Root for the past few days and while the fishing isn’t epic on top, we’ve been fishing dries from ramp to ramp and having very good success. Nemouras, Blue Wings, and Skwallas dominate the hatch-window right now, with plenty of risers to be found. Can you pick up a few more on droppers? Probably. But you sure can’t get the bug as tight to the wood with a three-foot nymph dropper hanging off the back. As always this time of year, seek out the softer water and you’ll find willing fish.

Bitterroot River Side Channel

This side channel held a very nice rising fish that we spooked ’cause we weren’t quiet enough on
our approach. The Bitterroot’s best fish will often be found in such water this time of year.
Sneak accordingly.

Clark Fork River Fishing Report:

This river is roughly three times as big as it normally is this time of year, but the clarity down low is good and the fish have seen enough stoneflies that the imprint is there. Slow-crawled buggers trailing large prince nymphs will punish em at this flow, no doubt. But will they be looking up for Blue Wings and skwallas? Will you trade the sure thing of the ‘Root for a probably on the Clark. Only he who goes will know?

Blackfoot River Fishing Report:

Cold and off color. But….maybe? Only the bravest guide will know if this card’s worth playing right now. Can you say 14- seed? Can you say ‘Hero or Zero’?


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  • Boomer Sooner
    March 24, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Sneakin… Like Wichita St? Poor Birds.

    1. Dan Mahoney
      March 24, 2015 at 2:58 pm

      Sneakin, just like the Shockers.