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By on May 6th, 2013   //   1 minute to read

Missoula River Conditions and Fishing Report

Today and the next few days will bring us the beginning of run off in the Missoula area.  There are still a few options around town if you are careful about where you go and study the graphs.

Bitterroot River Conditions

Main River: Goodbye…  The graphs at Darby and Bell are spiking straight up which will eliminate the Bitterroot River as an option for a while.

West Fork of the Bitterroot: Steady and at 300 cfs and looking like an option.

Blackfoot River Conditions

The North Fork of the Blackfoot is spiking upwards.  The lower river has not seen the push yet and if your fishing today and maybe tomorrow if you stay on the lower river you can beat the push of water.  Keep an eye out for March Browns or Skwalas but don’t be scared to fish big junk subsurface especially if the water starts spiking underneath you.

Clark Fork River Conditions

The Lower Clark Fork is starting to see a spike from tributary streams and will be out as an option really soon.  The Upper Clark Fork is starting to see a spike as well.  It should fish well today and maybe tomorrow above town but will soon be a non option.  Look for flying Skwalas if its sunny out…..

Rock Creek River Conditions

Lower rock creek is starting to spike but will still probably fish well today and possibly tomorrow depending on how much it spikes.  Upper Rock Creek is starting to show a slight spike but will be fine today.  Rock Creek generally fishes better during a spike than most of our rivers if your willing to fish the worm or streamers.

Missouri River Conditions

Fishing really well right now.  Nymphing/Droppers on sunny days.  March Browns on cloudy days.  The MO will be a great option throughout the month as the Missoula Rivers will see the effects of runoff.


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