Blackfoot River Closure Lifted by Montana FWP

By on Sep 17th, 2013   //   Less than a minute to read

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

The Blackfoot River and its tributaries are now open to fishing again.  Flows are stable with cooler weather on tap, which should increase flows as the demand for irrigation water decreases.  Fishing should be pretty darn good on the Blackfoot these days.  These fish haven’t seen an artificial fly since the closure on September 4th.  The cooler weather we are experiencing has already improved the fishing on all Missoula area rivers.  Cloudy days will bring more and more hatches of Fall Mayflies on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Clark Fork Rivers.  We have seen hatches of Mahogony Mayflies, Hecubas, Tricos, and a few October Caddis this week.  Good fishing coming up with this fall weather!  Let the good times roll………….

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