Big Fish Like the Sedge – Missoula Fishing Report

By on Sep 25th, 2015   //   Less than a minute to read

If there’s a prettier place to be on earth than a Montana river in September, we haven’t seen it. The cottonwoods are hinting at changing, and the larches in the mountains have already turned. The trout, too, are a colored up for fall, and they’ve spread out from the riffles to feed on mayflies. On the right stretch of river, you might hear elk bugling, a bull trout explode on a small fish you’re about to land, or a reel’s drag screaming.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report:

Ovando Fly Fishing

A beautiful place to be and fine fishing to be had on October Caddis, Tricos, and slop rigs. The upper river is still low, so show some courtesy when fishing around other boats. Look for a good dose of Blue Wings around the corner.

Bitterroot River Fishing Report:

Bitterroot Fishing Report

Still some Tricos in play up here, late morning and early afternoons. Not much to speak of as far as BWO’s or Mahogany duns quite yet, but they’re on their way. Hoppers and large mayfly attractors will get you through the afternoons.

Clark Fork River Fishing Report:

Pretty fun fishing here lately, both on small dries and big bugs. Be patient, get long drifts, and fish something in the film. These fish have moved into fall mayfly mode already and are looking to sip.

Clark Fork River Report

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