Back to Where We Were… Almost.

By on Jun 19th, 2017   //   Less than a minute to read

After some far better early June fishing than we’d expected, a colossal rainstorm bumped our waters back over their original peak and, after staring at flow charts for a couple of days, we spent a week on the Missouri and West Fork. The audibles were more than serviceable (see pics below) but it took the wind out of the proverbial sails to start runoff from scratch again.

At present, though, our rivers have peaked and most are on their way back down to fish-able levels. In another few days, we should have a full deck to play with. For now:

  • The Blackfoot is king, with salmonflies river-wide and fish still not so gorged they won’t come up to eat another bug.

Blackfoot River Salmonfly Hatch

  •  Awesome streamer time, too, with enough color in the water to fool even the denizens on some articulated madness.
  • Rock Creek is back to its swinging best, with goldens and green drakes dominating the game and straggler salmonflies picking up the bruisers.
  • The upper Bitterroot and West Fork are steady options, with the latter producing the best dry fly fun
  • It’s also a great time of year to investigate the tribs!
  • Have fun out there and we’ll keep you posted!!

Blackfoot River Fishing Report

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