A Watched Pot Never Boils…

By on Mar 7th, 2016   //   Less than a minute to read

Missoula Fishing Report March

It could have been the weather, or the drifts our dudes were getting, but it sure seems that the stonefly nymph has been getting tagged a bit more often lately.

The nymphs are migrating — does that mean the first adult skwalla fishing is soon to come?  Perhaps, but we suggest being patient and fishing underneath the water. That said, we’re still seeing some decent midging opportunities each day and the big bugs could show at any minute.

Bitterroot River

This waiting time is actually quite fun — we get to crank out our favorite leggy imitations, maybe a little flash on this one, maybe an egg-sack on the next…

If you see your guide reaching for his spool of 2x, it might just be a hint that you’re casting your fly a bit too close to the branches — Home-brewed bugs are a tad more valuable than the ones you can buy in the bins.

March on the Bitterroot

We’ve still got a few openings for late March and early April, and we’d love to see you on the water with Missoula on the Fly!

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