Missoula Fly Fishing Guides Will Plumhoff

Fishing Guide Will Plumhoff

Will Plumhoff

Hometown: The land of the ice and snow: a.k.a. Rochester, MN

Lives in: Missoula, MT

What is your favorite local Missoula River and time of year to fish it?

Early October on the Bitterroot because every fish in the river is looking up and its not crowded.  I also enjoy the first two weeks of April on the Missouri River but I cannot tell you why because its a secret.

How many days a year are you on the river?

I probably guide between 120 and 150 days and fish another 50 days when I am not working.

Hobbies other than Fishing?

Tying flies, spending time with my girlfriend and my dog, chasing steelhead, and planning trips to warmer climates.

Favorite Drink?

Its a tie between a Moscow Mule and a Pendleton Ginger.

Favorite Fishing Tip?

“60% of the time it works every time.”

Something random about me?

I enjoy fine cheeses and I own about 80 pairs of Nikes

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