Missoula Fishing Guide Tom Gagnon

Missoula Fishing TripsTom Gagnon

Hometown: Alfred, Maine

Lives in: Missoula, MT

What is your favorite local Missoula River?

I love the Missouri River.  That being said, anywhere I can get fish to look up at dry flies.  There’s some other sneaky stuff Will Plumhoff won’t let me talk about.

How many days a year are you on the river?

Between guiding and fun fishing between 120 and 150

Hobbies other than fishing?

Waterfowl hunting nearly everyday of the season, a rediculous amount of time at the tying bench, and reading.  I also recently got a cat so thats been a big deal in my life lately

Favorite Drink?

Do you know what PBR stands for?  Perfect Breakfast Refreshment!

If you could fish somewhere you have never fished where would it be?

I’m an east coast trout weenie so I would love to go to Labrador and catch a brookie over 12″.  Kona Peninsula (Russia) Atlantic Salmon is a dream too.

Something Random about me:

As if all of the above isn’t random enough?  Well then, I guess you should know I can’t really breathe out of my left nostril.

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