Missoula Fishing Guide Mark Hodek

Mark Hodek

Hometown:  Green Bay, WIGuide Trips

Lives in: Missoula, Montana

Favorite Missoula River:  

The one with bugs.  I have spent fifteen years chasing hatches and learning the shifts that take place out there.  Staying on the front end of the bugs leads to the best possible fishing.

How many days a year do you guide and fish?

One Hundred plus.

Hobbies other than fishing?

Freedive spear fishing, trapping, hunting

Favorite fishing tip?

Aim for the wet spot!

If you could fish anywhere in the world where would you go?

Pompei, Micronesia

Favorite drink?

Titos Vodka, dash of soda, and a lime.

Something random about me:

I can dive to 65 feet on one breath.

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