James Quigley – Missoula Wade Fishing Trips

James Quigley Wade Fishing Trips

Wade Fishing Guide Extraordinaire

Two things make James Quigley one of the best wade-fishing guides in Montana:

1) His love of solitude and

2) His catalog of off-the-beaten-path fishing spots.

More about James

After moving to Missoula for school over a decade ago, Quigley started working behind the counter at a prominent local fly shop, and his friendly demeanor and sense of humor quickly made him a favorite with customers and clients.  Soon, like many young fly shop graduates, he was rowing a boat for a paycheck, but after a few years he found himself un-hitching the boat and seeking out sneaky wade fishing spots and exploring the smaller streams and hidden gems across Western Montana.  Five years later, he is our most requested wade-fishing guide, bar none. A true animal, Quigley is fond of fishing up to 3 (yes, three!) drainages in a day, traversing the western part of the state, hellbent on nothing but delivering the most exclusive fishing possible to his clients. Often we don’t even know exactly which streams he’s fishing, but the happy smiles from clients holding big fish in pictures help us realize that, sometimes, at least, it’s better not to ask.

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