Missoula Fishing Guide Jason Brininstool

Jason Brininstool

Float Fishing GuidesHometown: Richmond, VA

Lives In: Missoula, MT

Favorite Missoula River?

I find that all of our rivers present different opportunities during certain times of the year. It is difficult to point to just one favorite. I like the Blackfoot before runoff and during the stonefly cycles in June/July. The Bitterroot during the terrestrial/hecuba cycle, as well as the Fall mayfly and streamer fishing. And last, but definitely not least, the whole Clark Fork watershed during many cycles in the season. The Clark Fork, in many sections, is where I find the most solitude and some of the more dynamic approaches to fly fishing. Sometimes it happens all in one day.

How many days a year do you fish?

I virtually fish over a hundred days year through other people (i.e. guiding), probably close to a hundred around the Missoula area and other spots in Montana on my own, and I attempt to travel to other destinations during the offseason to fish as well. I guess that would put me around two hundred days or more.

Hobbies other than fishing?

Snowboarding, fly tying, reading, searching for other destinations, occasional banjo picker, and collector of vinyl.

Favorite fishing tip?

The key to catching trout (or any fish for that matter) is efficiency. Keep your fly on/in the water and sustain and maintain drifts for long periods of time and trout will come to hand. A good cast looks awesome and is appreciated, but the occasional ugly cast catches fish too. You can always correct a sloppy cast when the fly is on the water with a mend, pull of the line, or a twitch.

If you could fish somewhere you’ve never fished, where would it be?

Los Roques, Venezuela, or the Seychelles

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