Fishing Report

Want Fish With Shoulders? Fish The Shoulder Seasons

Spring Fishing in Missoula

  Any bird/elk/bow hunter will understand the lack of reports over the past couple of months, but the rest of our readers are probably wondering where we’ve been, and more importantly, when it’s fair to start counting the days to spring fly fishing. The answer is NOW.  But first, a quick update on our snow situation… […]

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It’s Winter in Montana

winter fishing report

The goose is getting fat Winter is here for now — our first real snow filling up the driftboats guides haven’t put away yet.  In addition to watching our snowpack pile up for 2018, another pleasant endeavor is sitting with a bowl of elk stew and paging through the photo album from the fall. It’s […]

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Little Bugs

September Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report Finally, fall is here, and we can all exhale (and inhale too).  After some good cold rains, the forest fire smoke has all but disappeared–and the mayflies have begun to pop.  Tricos, BWOs, Mahoganies, and tiny psuedos have blanketed the Clark Fork, ‘Root, and Blackfoot over the past several days. That’s right, the real reasons […]

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August Fishing Report

  The spruce moth fishing on the upper drainages has been good enough, steady enough, that we haven’t been calling on too many wild card floats. But we took a lark the other day and called the shuttle guy, who told us that the otherwise well-trafficked SUCH-AND-SUCH to SO-AND-SO hadn’t been floated in over two weeks–and, man, […]

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(Good) Dog Days of Summer

Summer Fly Fishing in Missoula Late July is always an interesting fishing window around Missoula. Some years a long-lasting PMD and golden game carries us through, while other years our spruce moths and hoppers arrive early, providing big meals for dry-fly hungry trout. This year seems to be serving up some mixture of the above — good dry […]

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Heat Wave Coming — But Ample Flows to Buffer

July Fishing Report Summer FLy Fishing in Missoula

  It’s amazing how fast the Salmonflies burn off the Blackfoot and the color turns from olive to deep blue on the lower Clark Fork — suddenly it’s mid-summer and the fishing has been stellar. Even over the scorching weekend we were able to put on the water early and enjoy bent rods from ramp […]

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Back to Where We Were… Almost.

  After some far better early June fishing than we’d expected, a colossal rainstorm bumped our waters back over their original peak and, after staring at flow charts for a couple of days, we spent a week on the Missouri and West Fork. The audibles were more than serviceable (see pics below) but it took the […]

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Missoula Salmonfly Hatch Report

  Most years the Salmonflies start on Rock Creek’s lower end on Memorial Day weekend with flows around 1600 CFS. The bugs have kept with the calendar this year, where they’re hatching in fair numbers and mating flights have started on warm afternoons. What else will keep to the chalk? Flow wise, the answer is […]

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Yessir, This is Runoff

Missoula Fishing Report in May

  Missoula Fly Fishing — Runoff Report If you’re a relative newcomer to Western Montana, you may be wondering what just happened to our rivers and when they’ll be fishable again.  If so, keep wondering — you’ll have at least a few weeks to figure it out. While the past couple of runoffs have subsided […]

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